Flanges from Balaji Industrial Corporation

At BIC we stock a range of Flanges made from premium quality materials . Our pipe flanges are also designed in standard dimensions to ensure enhanced functionality and flexibility. All pipe flanges can be supplied with grooves, back faces, bevels and bores inlaid, and are available in sizes between ¼" - 48" (6mm to 1,200mm).

  • weld neck flangeWeld Neck Flange
  • slip on flangeSlip on Flange
  • blind flangeBlind Flange
  • socket weld flangeSocket Weld Flange
  • threaded flangeThreaded Flange
  • lap joint flangeLap Joint Flange

For low-pressure piping we offer threaded pipe flanges which don’t require welding, or for higher pressure situations we stock slip-on flanges, weld-neck flanges and socket weld pipe flanges for the best connectivity. We also stock blind pipe flanges for easy pipe inspection, spectacle flanges for limiting the pipe flow, lap-joint flanges for quick disassembly.